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What would be the ramifications if your irreplaceable possessions were lost, stolen or destroyed? We provide you that cover you need.

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The complex array of electronic monitoring equipment include sophisticated detection equipment, polled link to a monitoring station and digital video recording system.

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Vigo Security Vault Limited, handles cargo for all our network partners. We have the expertise to manage your large , over-sized, heavy, high-value or mission-critical pieces of cargo. If you want to assure the safety of your cargo to your client there are well tailored solutions for free hand handling and consolidation with our total insurance cover on goods in transit.


Vigo Security Vault Limited prides itself on supplying professionally trained and licensed people. We also understand that in the competitive market place a high quality security service at a reasonable cost must still reflect the need to provide well-equipped facilities, if the customers’ security needs are to be met.


To render efficient and affordable security services and solutions to our clients. In order to achieve this, we actively pioneer changes in the delivery of cost-effective security solutions that meet our clients’ requirements.


To provide reliable and effective security services to our clients through excellent world class customer services and appropriate application of the required resources.


Building unparalleled level of security for not only our clients but other stakeholders in both corporate industries and individuals.

About us

Vigo Security Vault Limited is private security company that was founded in 1992, Head Office based in South Africa. We are a novel but experienced security company with an astute and unrivaled discipline, candor and uncompromising safety and security abilities which can be unarguably vouched for.